DF Brickwork

Please provide a brief overview of your organisation and your role?

DF Brickwork, are experts on commercial brickwork projects and have worked with a variety of  commercial businesses. DF Brickworks extensive portfolio is proof of our high standard of workmanship which can be viewed on our website. DF Brickwork is also part of the Fisher Services Group.


Brian Gray is the Managing Director of Fisher Services Group.


How did the levy transfer benefit/assist your organisation and your apprentices, and what value does apprenticeship training give to your organisation and employees?

The levy transfer from Essex CC has assisted DF Brickwork in engaging with apprenticeships to support the growth of the business and the enabled us support those that were looking for an alternative to full time education.


How did you find out about the Essex Apprenticeship Levy Transfer Service?

ACL Essex


How easy did you find the Essex ALTS service to use and was their support helpful with the levy transfer process?

Essex ALTS managed to find funding from Essex County Council and supported us through the levy transfer process which made things very easy.