Apprenticeship levy-paying employers can transfer a maximum amount of 50% of their annual funds. They can make transfers from their apprenticeship account to as many employers as they choose. This can be used to support the training costs of apprentices and cannot be used for any other type of training or payroll costs associated with those apprentices.
At the moment you cannot do this. The levy transfer will mirror the way you pay for your own internal apprenticeships if you have any. This means you will transfer your levy in monthly payments as the apprentices you are supporting via transfer go through their programmes. An example of this could be: You have £15,000 available to transfer and you decide to support the care sector. You could support 5 adult care worker apprenticeships which cost £3000 each and are delivered over 12 months. Therefore this would be reasonably straight forward as 80% of your £15,000 would be split over the 12 months as they go through the training, with the remainder (20%) payment at the end when the apprentices go through assessment. Where apprentices are in learning for more than 12 months these payments are taken across different tax years. For the majority of apprenticeships this will be the case. The site has a team of people to support you with more detail around this and emailing info@essexalts will allow someone to get in touch to give you support.
If you are a levy donor and you are looking into the possibility of transferring some of your levy, you can use this free site to look at opportunities that smaller businesses have written looking for support. By registering as a transferring organisation and indicating what sort of opportunities you would like to see, you will be shown a host of options you can consider. You are under no contractual obligation, or commitment to support any of these opportunities if you register, but you will be able to see what is out there, allowing you to make informed decisions.
By registering for free on this site, you can create an opportunity which will be shown to levy donors who are also registered on the site. This will mean that your requirements are given maximum exposure to potential donors. It is important to point out that we cannot guarantee a levy transfer match will take place as it is down to levy donor choice, posting an opportunity on the site will certainly raise the likelihood of finding a donor.
The Essex Provider Network has been set up and provides information on the provision available to businesses looking to engage in apprenticeships within the region. Details of provision can be found at this website address: http://essexprovidernetwork.com/provision/
Yes. The site works on an algorithm that matches the preferences of levy donors with the information contained in the opportunities businesses looking for a transfer create. Without capturing this information during the registration process the site cannot function as it should.
The site is designed to be used by Levy donors to match with employers who they may be able to support with a levy transfer. As a training provider you can support your employers with information about how the service works and assist them with writing their opportunity. Should they require help creating their apprenticeship digital account on the government portal it is expected a training provider would also assist with this process.
This service is designed to support any small business located in Essex County looking to receive a transfer
Inclusive Apprenticeships are a flexible, bespoke earn while you learn apprenticeship programme designed for those with recognised learning difficulties/disabilities. Benefits of recruiting an Inclusive Apprentice include: -Access to the hidden but talented employment market -Government financial incentives for apprenticeships (up to £3,000) * -Putting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy into action rather than just words -Creates a workforce reflective of a diverse local community -Addressing skills gaps and introducing fresh perspectives to an organisation -Finding and nurturing quality employees for the future Financial incentives to employers You can claim up to £2,000* as an incentive payment if you hire an inclusive apprentice that starts with you between 1 August 2020 and 31 January 2021. £2,000 for 16-24-year olds* £1,500 for 24+ year olds* An additional £1,000 for learners with an Education, Health and Care Plan up to the age of 24 Criteria and Eligibility: o The apprentice must have an Education, Health and Care plan, Learning Disability Assessment or a Statement of Educational needs (current or historic plan) o Meet the minimum entry requirement for Maths and English which is recommended to be at entry level 3 (equates to low level GCSE F grade) o Must be able to undertake a minimum of 15 hours work per week As part of an apprenticeship learners will: o Develop their Maths and English up to Functional skills level 2 (if required) o Depending on the apprenticeship standard, they will be working towards a vocational qualification (i.e. Construction, Health and Social Care or Engineering Next steps – more information Essex County Council Targeted Employment Team are continuously looking to work with local inclusive employers to create meaningful opportunities as we want all young people to have the best possible start on their journey to employment and achieve the bright and ambitious futures that they deserve. The Targeted Employment Team work alongside the Essex Apprenticeship Levy Transfer Service and can work with employers who would like to support an inclusive apprenticeship either by offering an inclusive apprenticeship or gifting levy to fund an apprenticeship. If you would like to work with us or require more information about Inclusive Apprenticeships and how to imbed them within your organisation; please feel free to email us at targetemployment@essex.gov.uk