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Secure funding from Essex County Council

Essex County Council (ECC) has a substantial Apprenticeship Levy pot for schools. This is available to help cover apprenticeship training costs.

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Why offer apprenticeships to your employees?

Offering apprenticeships to your people can help to:

  • retain staff and tackle teacher shortages
  • enhance the quality of teaching and learning
  • inspire engagement
  • boost growth and productivity
  • attract new talent

What kind of apprenticeships are available? 

From teaching assistants and site maintenance to business support functions and catering staff, there are a range of apprenticeships available. The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education website provides more information on the types of apprenticeships on offer. There is no age limit for apprenticeship training.

What do I need to know? 

Apprentices will spend 20% of their time on focussed and purposeful off-the-job training. This gives them the chance to complement on-the-job skills with subject matter knowledge and insights.

We can connect you to a relevant, experienced and trusted training provider to ensure apprentices’ learning journeys are supported every step of the way.

Other Funding 

Funding to gain the Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) status

As well as levy transfers, we can help to fund the nationally recognised HLTA status.

We are offering up to £800-worth of training per nominated teaching assistant (TA). This funding will support TAs to secure HLTA status.

Benefits of becoming an HLTA include:

• being able to work independently in the classroom
• higher earning power
• tackling the school workforce shortage

You can use your choice of training provider. Our team can also put you in touch with a provider should you not have a preference.

You must have GCSE Level 4 (C) or equivalent in English and Maths to apply. It is preferred that you have already secured a Level 3 TA qualification.

Your training provider may be able to support you if you have not yet achieved these qualifications.

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  • support your workforce along the way

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