The Timpson Group

Promoting a culture of kindness and care through the levy share


The Essex Apprenticeship Levy Transfer Service has helped The Timpson Group share its levy with Bloomsbury Home Care to fund five apprentices. 

The Timpson Group, comprising of Timpson Limited, Max Spielmann Limited, Johnson Cleaners UK Limited and Snappy Snaps Franchises Limited, is a family run business with a deep-seated culture of kindness and care.  Timpson’s first started sharing their levy for external training in 2018 and are delighted to provide support to an Essex business through the Essex Apprenticeship Levy Transfer Service. “Utilising our levy through a transfer is straightforward and simple, enabling us to support colleagues in like-minded organisations to train, develop and upskill their staff. If your organisation is unable to use all of its levy it makes sense to divert it to causes that match your own culture and values who might not otherwise be able to fund crucial workforce up-skilling”

Bloomsbury Home Care operates in Worcestershire, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex and provides domiciliary care services that support clients whose ages range from 18-101! Bloomsbury Home Care have worked with Essex County Council for many years and have been particularly impressed by the support they have provided for their staff during the pandemic e.g. wellbeing and mental health training.

June Hillyard is the Operations Director for Bloomsbury Home Care and has built her career in care by working her way up. June is passionate about training, seeing its value translate to providing quality services and enabling staff to develop their career pathway.

“Apprenticeships really help us to attract, retain and nurture our teams who provide person-centred care, supporting independence as much as possible. A simple, uncomplicated and well-organised Levy-transfer system is vital to supporting our apprenticeship training.”


We spoke to Peter and Louise at Timpson about their experience of levy transfer

When did Timpson’s first share their levy?

The first transfer into the Levy was in April 2017 which was initially used to fund internal training then we started with external training in February 2018.

What value does Timpson’s gain from sharing their levy?

Timpson is delighted to be able to encourage colleagues in like-minded organisations continue their life-long learning and career development by investing our unused Levy through the Matchmaking Service.

What message can Timpson’s give to other organisations considering sharing their levy?

If for whatever reason your firm is unable to use all of its Levy, it makes sense to divert as much as you are allowed to causes that match your own culture and values who might not otherwise be able to find the crucial up-skilling for their own colleagues.

How easy did you find the levy transfer process?

We use the Essex Apprenticeship Levy Transfer Service which makes the levy transfer process very straightforward and simple. Since using the Service the process is so smooth and it’s enjoyable working with the levy transfer support team.